ME          @michelleosterhoudt

I’m fond of barefeet in the grass and late night movies; belgian style beers, and my husband’s long hair ; a foggy morning, some good ole soul music, family style diners, and deep conversations.

Most days when I’m not shooting or editing, you will find me hanging out with my one, Ryan and our two littles. My dream came true when we decided to do this life together, and life has been an adventure ever since. After living on the west-side of Atlanta, we decided to move a little north, and take on rehabbing an old farm house together. It still keeps us busy on most occasions, and we love building a home and life together.

I’m only fancy on occasion, and most days were are pretty chill. Either hanging out in the yard, making dinner, having a dance party with the littles, or attempting to garden. When I’m not with family, I find myself continually chasing and living my dream, to satisfy my need to keep creating and growing in my passion for photography and traveling this huge world. I’m incredibly thankful to be able to call my work my passion.

I’m gonna shoot it to ya straight, I’m a pretty straight forward gal. I like to have fun, to keep it light, to get to know the real you, and to make some badass art in our time together.

A more personal look into my little tribe in action, check out our family video by my talented friend Kiersten, of Loree Videography.

MY WORK         @michellescottphoto

I consider myself a bit of a mix of a photographer. Strong documentary storytelling background, with a bit of portraiture and fine art. The perfect balance of real moments and timeless, relaxed posed pictures of the two of you. I am drawn to a strong sense of mood in my images. I embrace darkness as well as light; color, movement, adventure, real life, and raw moments. I am a painter as well as a photographer, and my creativity is always pulling me to drive the shutter. I want your images to reflect something unique and honest to you as a couple.

My work has been featured in both print and online magazines, and numerous wedding blogs such as:

Photo Credit:  Sidney Morgan